Privacy Policy

Last updated: Sep 23, 2015

BacklotCars values the privacy of our users. We treat our user-dealers how we would want to be treated. By using our service all users verify that they have read and consent to our privacy policy.

  • We collect personal and dealership information including but not limited to email address and phone numbers in order to communicate with our dealers. For billing we also collect names, social security numbers, FEIN, credit card numbers, and other information for account creation and automated billing.
  • We obtain information when it is provided to us by dealers upon our request.
  • We use your personal and business information for billing, customer service and marketing related products and services.
  • If you close your account we may still use your personal or business information to contact you about new offers or products. If you do not wish to be contacted please email
  • We will treat your personal and business information with confidence and limit access to employees and third parties who partner with us or provide related services and have similar privacy policies.
  • If required by law we reserve the right to share information for to law enforcement or other state, local or federal government agencies.
  • We strive to protect your information and use legal and reasonable means to protect physical and electronic confidential information. Credit card information is stored as encrypted data.
  • We use cookies to provide optimal service and rejecting cookies can affect functionality of the service. Cookies can be placed by third parties when linking to their websites from ours. Our privacy policy does not apply to any third party website linked to from or through our website.
  • From time to time we will update this privacy policy and any significant changes will be sent to users via email or notification on the website.
  • Please send any feedback to