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  • How long does each sale last?

    Listings last up to 3 business days, but cars typically sell in 30 hours. The car is sold once a buyer and seller agree on price.

  • How much is the sell fee?

    $0. We don’t charge a fee to our sellers.

  • How do payments work?

    Post-sale, we will pay you via ACH once we receive the title.

  • Will I get good money on my cars?

    Thousands of buyers means good money on your cars. If it doesn't meet your floor, you don't have to sell.

  • Can you tell me more about who’s behind BacklotCars?

    We are a bunch of car nuts who know and love the industry. We previously worked at the auction and have owned and operated dealerships. We started BacklotCars to make selling wholesale profitable, efficient, and less risky.


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How it Works

1. Inspection

Schedule a convenient day for our inspectors to stop by. You hand them the keys, we handle the rest. No risk to you, we inspect and guarantee every car.

2. Offers

Once the inspection is complete, BacklotCars instantly pushes the inventory to our buyer network to view, offer, and buy. Accept, counter, or reject any offer on your personalized dashboard.

3. Sale

Once you or a buyer accepts an offer the car is sold. If it doesn't meet your floor, you don't have to sell. Give us the first shot. We sell over 50% of the cars we list, and you can list three times. You're never charged a sell fee.

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